October 14, 2017

Absolutely amazing! DJ Andres was incredible. We had a lot of issues with our venue and he completely turned our night around and made it one we will never forget. When we told Andres what was going on he stepped right in and made sure everything moved smoothly from thereon out. Our guests were raving about how great the music was and how much fun he was the entire time. He played all the music we requested and more. Our guests were up dancing the whole time and each song was better than the last. I can’t say enough good things about DJ Andres as he was absolutely amazing!!!! We also had Marco and Billy for video who were equally amazing and capturing all the great moments. We truly can’t thank DJ Andres and first class weddings enough for the incredible job they did!!!! I high recommend them to anyone looking for amazing, professional and reliable service.




October 8, 2017

DJ Dres was nothing short of amazing. We needed a DJ who could play a wide variety of music and knew how to mix it up…-everything from Salsa to Neil Young–and he delivered! He listened to our ideas and made them happen. He even helped serve as a coordinator–He helped keep us on a schedule, kept all our guests engaged and informed of what was happening as we had people sitting in 3 separate rooms. He kept the dance floor packed the entire night, knew the right songs to play and when–it was amazing!! Words can’t completely describe how unbelievable he was in making our day perfect. We recommend DJ Dres to anyone and everyone!




September 22, 2017

It was extremely important for me to find a Hispanic DJ for my wedding. My family and my husbands family are both Colombian and speak Spanish so I wanted someone who spoke our language. After doing a lot of research I found FCW and found a video of DJ Andres doing a wedding at our venue. To my surprise he was not only Spanish speaking but he was also Colombian! I was very excited to reach out to FCW to inquire more about their packages and see if DJ Andres would be a good fit for us. The communication with FCW was always great, they responded immediately and arranged a phone consultation with DJ Andres. My husband spoke to him and after that we decided to book him immediately, we had so much in common and we knew our guests would really appreciate that. The vendor portal for FCW for clients is very helpful in the planning process, you have a chance to write all information regarding the time line and details of your wedding. Closer to the wedding date we scheduled a final conference call to discuss final details and after speaking to DJ Andres I was really excited because he knew exactly what I wanted. He did our ceremony, cocktail hour and reception music and everything came out amazing! We had so many compliments from our families and guests and everyone had a great time. My husband and I were really happy with the service DJ Andres provided and choosing him to be our DJ was the best decision we made! Thank you so much for keeping the party going and for making our day the best day! I truly recommend FCW and especially DJ Andres to make your wedding the most fun day you ever have, you won’t be disappointed!



Ellery Schiafo

September 16, 2017

We booked FCW for our DJ and uplighting… we were blown away! We booked Andres as our DJ and it was the best decision we’ve ever made. He was so easy to communicate with and was able to guide the night exactly as we envisioned. I’ve had at least 15 people tell me it was the best wedding DJ they’ve ever seen, and I have to agree (even though I’m biased!). The online portal they use make it easy to plan your wedding service needs at your leisure. I’d definitely recommend FCW to anyone!



Paula Bustos

September 3, 2017

One word to describe DJ Dres. AWESOME! My husband and I really enjoyed having him play at our wedding. From the beginning he was very responsive and listened to our requests. He also gave us couple of recommendations that helped us have a lot of fun during the wedding. DJ Dres kept the dance floor going all night and MC in both Spanish and English. I’m Colombian and my husband is American, DJ Dres was able to keep everyone on the dance regardless of the mixed background of the crowd. We loved having him and would recommend it to anyone looking for a fun and stress free wedding reception.



Andrea Ramos

June 24, 2017

We hired DJ Andres Sanchez from First Class Weddings for our wedding in June. We Chose him because we are a Interracial couple (Irish Italian/Brazilian)and have different music choices.. We talked with him about all music and he was very helpful. We Thought he would do amazing with mixing our different backgrounds with music . As we Expected he DID!! Our guest were on that dance floor all night. Andres DID a fantastic job
He is very personal AS well as Professional !
I would highly recommend Andres as your DJ for any Occasion .



Loan Doung

June 17, 2017

Dres was amazing to work with! I had concerns about DJs after attending a few weddings before mine. Dres blew all those DJs out of the water! My priorities were having good music, a host with a clear professional voice who can guide our guests through the events of the night and making sure all speeches can be heard. He was all that and more! He took charge of our wedding games so I didn’t have to worry about anything and he accommodated all our last minute changes and made the night so enjoyable and stress-free for me. I had so many guests telling me what a great DJ I had. My guests enjoyed the music played throughout their dinner and when it was time to dance, the music and song choices were awesome and we all danced the night away. I couldn’t have picked a better DJ for my big day!



Katie Ciccolini Hernandez

May 20, 2017

DJ Dres…. I told him that I was his biggest fan aside from his wife and mother (ha!). I have know him for over a decade now and his format of DJ’ing has always made for a fantastic night. He knows how to read a crowd and how to play to all different kinds of culture. Our wedding was an italian/dominican wedding. Some of my family have two left feet, and he had those people dancing up a storm! I really loved how he used the phrase “join us on a musical journey’ in his opening to our reception without me and my husband even having to tell him this. He just knew that the music was the central core to our big day. He is very organized in his data collection which helped guide our night in all the “to dos” of a wedding. I put little notes in our document for who I wanted to dedicate certain songs to, and funny things I wanted to be said throughout the night, and he hit the nail on the head. The best part is that we worked together (through email, phone, and in person) in organizing all of the normal traditions of a wedding so that we could have a solid 4.5 hours of dancing straight! He has some very cool song transitions that you would never think be mixed together. The dance floor was never empty, and he just knew how to keep everyone alive and jumping throughout the night. Not only is he still the Colombian Clubkiller (lol), but he is a multicultural game changer (crowd goes wild)…
Great work!!! Thank you again for making out night so special and a night to remember for all! Your passion for music, integrating cultures, and positivity always shines through your work. 



Jen Dileo

February 19, 2017

DJ Dres did such an amazing job at my wedding! The music brought everyone out to the dance floor for the entire night, which is exactly what we wanted. Everyone had such a great time! He did an excellent job pleasing everyone from the younger to older crowds with his music selection. In the future, DJ Dres will always be our go to if we need to hire a DJ. I highly recommend him; you and your party guests will not be disappointed! 


Paula A

September 26, 2016

Huge shout out to DJ Dres!!! He did a phenomenal job at my wedding! My husband is American and I’m Chilean and we needed someone that could blend both cultures for us. He did just that and kept us on the dance floor all night long! It was a fantastic and varied music selection and he even had some folkloric Chilean music lined us for us ! He was accommodating of requests made throughout the night. We danced the night away and a week later are still getting compliments on the DJ and the music selection!



Sonnya Espinal

August 15, 2016

Good music has always been one of my top priorities when I have a party! And my wedding was the biggest party I had ever thrown, so I really wanted to have the most amazing DJ! My friend a couple years ago had given me some of DJ Dres’ music. I pulled it out again during my wedding planning and was really impressed and hopeful he would be the one:) My husband and I went to meet him, and we were both impressed with his music selection and his professionalism, and were even happier that he was bilingual. My husband is Guatemalan and I am Colombian, so when DJ Dres mentioned marimba and cumbia, we knew we would get along great, and that the reception was going to be rockin’! We met right before our wedding to go over all of the details and the order of the announcements.

The wedding reception was incredible. His bilingual announcements were all on time and exactly like we wanted them. He also has a great DJ voice! He played a lot of the music we had given him in a playlist, and the whole night everyone was commenting on how fabulous the music was and how they would love to have that playlist! The music was fun, diverse, and just what we wanted. It was a mix of salsa, merengue, cumbia, and a couple other genres just perfectly mixed. Everyone danced and had a great time. We couldn’t have asked for a better DJ, and are now dying to have another big party just to have the excuse to ask him to be our DJ again.:) Thanks again, DJ Dres, and I hope everyone that reads this doesn’t think twice about hirning him as your DJ.


Nolvia Flores Herrera

July 9, 2016

Planning a wedding is not easy. Planning a wedding in Boston while living in Houston is definitely not easy. DJ Dres was referred to us by a family member and from our first interaction, he was nothing but a joy to work with. He was always punctual, whether it be for a phone conversation or for a face-to-face meeting. There was no pressure and he was always willing to work with our ideas. A marriage between a Filipino and a Salvadoran comes with a lot of cultural traditions and DJ Dres was more than willing to integrate those into the wedding reception.

The day of the wedding, DJ Dres was as professional as can be. Showing up in a suit and tie, he met with us and the entire bridal party as we arrived at the reception venue. He walked and talked us through how he was going to coordinate the entrance and made sure we were all confident in our silly entrance shenanigans.

During the reception, he controlled the pace of night – having all of the events of the night run smoothly. Whenever he had a question, he made sure to walk up to our sweetheart table and ask us directly. When we had questions for him, he would go out of his way to answer them for us.

And now, we HAVE to talk about the music. The dance floor opened and he had everyone, I mean EVERYONE, out on the dance floor. The transition between music genres such as bachata, cumbia, hip-hop, 90’s, pop, and merengue was SEAMLESS. He even was able to integrate some very specific Salvadoran music into the mix. It was absolutely amazing. So amazing that we decided to extend the reception an extra 30 minutes because of how much fun people were having on the dance floor.

We couldn’t have asked for a better DJ…he went above and beyond our expectations.

If you are looking for a DJ, do yourself a favor and contact him RIGHT NOW!


Cassandra Falone

July 6, 2016

My husband and I recently worked with DJ Dres for our wedding. During every step of the process in the time leading up to our celebration, and on the day itself, DJ Dres impressed us with his professionalism, flexibility, and his clear desire to make sure everyone had the best possible experience a DJ can provide.

During the cocktail hour and reception, DJ Dres worked hard to adapt to what was most effective moment by moment – even during a fire alarm and evacuation of the building. He checked in with us regularly to make sure we were enjoying ourselves and catered to the diverse crowd. Because music is so important to us, we wanted to ensure all our guests enjoyed the music, from the youngest to the oldest. The floor was packed from the first dance to the last. DJ Dres knows his audience, takes their cues, tastefully engages them and creates an unbelievably fun environment. He didn’t just meet our expectations – he exceeded them!

It was such a pleasure to have DJ Dres apart of our wedding day and I would highly recommend his services to everyone in the Boston area. He has a forever fan in Anthony and me.

-Mr & Mrs. Falone


Rita Tran

July 30, 2015

Every bride knows that as long as the food, booze and music are great, your guests are going to be happy. My goal was to make sure every single person at my wedding was on the dance floor and DJ Dres made that happen. DJ Dres is not the kind of the DJ that you need to give a full playlist to, he listens and quickly gets the type of couple you are. We had a diverse guest list and DJ Dres was able to get everyone on the dance floor (including my older relatives!). Our guests are still raving about the music from our wedding and reliving the night through clips from the dance floor.

It was such a pleasure to have DJ Dres part of our wedding and I would highly recommend him to couples in the Boston area. The planning process was super easy, smooth and seamless and it was so nice to be able to book DJ Dres and trust that he’ll do this thing. 


Rebecca Centeno

July 23, 2015

Professional, talented and accommodating all come to mind when I think of my experience with DJ Dres. If you are in the Boston area or all the way in The Berkshires DJ Dres is a perfect wedding DJ. My husband and I made a few special requests and Andres made all happen without a blink of an eye. I am your typical American white girl and my husband is American Latino. This was not an issue for Andres, as he made all of our guests feel welcomed by the music that was played. He had a perfect mix for all ages as well! He got everyone on the dance floor and was so happy to play requests. He even stayed late though he was more than 2 hours away. Hands down the best experience of a wedding DJ I have had and I am so proud to say: it was my wedding!!! if you need a reference to feel more comfortable booking.


Evelyn Torres

June 19, 2015

I have witnessed DJ Dres’ talent in various venues in Boston so I knew he would do an incredible job at my wedding but he exceed my expectations! My husband and I still, almost a month later, receive amazing feedback of DJ Dres’ music selection from our guests. It was important to us to have every person on dance floor and enjoying the night. DJ Dres set the tone for the wedding playing a variety of music, which catered to everyone. The guests were on the dance floor from start to finish.

DJ Dres made the planning so easy! He was very well organized when we met. He was able to make recommendations understanding our expectations. Everything that we had discussed and planned was executed timely and in a professional manner. He was able to adapt and make decisions in my best interest the day of wedding (Changing the color of the uplights – Thank you!)

DJ Dres was essential for the overall success of this day not only for us but for our guests. He has made that night the most memorable for many. We are truly lucky and thankful for his work! DJ Dres you are very talented – thank you!

Mr. & Mrs. Torrres


Stephanie Nunez

September 28, 2014

DJ Dres did a great job in our wedding.I loved the way he represented both of our cultures.It was an amazing experience and I will definitely recommend him to anyone.Our guests loved the music and they were entertained the whole night.Overall it was an unforgettable experience and my DJ Was Great!!!!!!!


Valentina Rincon

May 5, 2014

Choosing a DJ is probably one of the hardest things to do while planning a wedding. They have a lot of responsibility and they can make or break your wedding. My husband and I feel lucky to have chosen DJ Dres to be a part of our wedding. Not only was he an exceptional MC, but he also managed to squeeze in all the songs we requested and kept everyone dancing all night. His choice of music was so impeccable that dinner service was not over and guests had already taken over the dance floor! Thank you DJ Dres for your professionalism and for making our wedding such a fun and memorable experience!


Wadlie Sylvestri

May 5, 2014

DJ Dres and I have gone way back since the 5th grade! He has always been a good friend of mine so having him as my DJ was such an honor. He was professional, on time and accommodating to our needs. He made it so easy! He was a great MC and did a fabulous job with the music. The dance floor was packed all night and the guest had nothing but great things say. He played old school, new school and even a little country to meet everyone’s taste of music. everyone had such a great time!!! wish I could relive my wedding day one more time so I can just dance the night away. I could not have picked someone better than DJ Dres! I can not thank him enough for making our wedding day so special. Thank you!!


Marlene Ramos

August 5, 2013

Our guests were absolutely blown away with the music at our wedding! From start to finish, DJ Dres was spot on with all of his song selections. My husband and I are both of Latin descent with Central American and Caribbean roots and dj dres was able to please both of our families with an energetic mix of cumbia, salsa, merengue, and bachata. In addition to the latin music, he incorporated phenomenal sets that included top 40 hits, 90’s throwbacks,and hip-hop which were huge crowd pleasers. He was also able to include all of our requests at the perfect moment that added huge bursts of energy throughout the evening. Everyone had an amazing time!

In addition to the music, I would like to note that DJ Dres was also a great MC throughout the night. He was very professional and stayed in communication with us throughout the night to make sure we stayed on schedule with the toasts, father/daughter dance, cake cutting, bouquet toss, etc…… We really appreciated that because it is so easy to lose track of the time on this very exciting day and dj dres did an outstanding job paying attention to every detail. I cannot say enough good things about him! Thank you!!!


Claudia Chery

May 19, 2013

DJ Dres did a phenomenal job at entertaining my wedding guests and exceeding my tall orders. My husband and I were married July 2012,  and my greatest concern was whether I could find a DJ who could be sensitive to a bicultural couple’s needs. I am Latin American, and my husband is Haitian;  therefore, we needed a DJ who was familiar with many music genres for a diverse group of guests. On top of that, the entire event needed to flow seamlessly, and I told DJ Dres that I wanted to see a jam-packed floor throughout the night. My wishes were granted, and my guests still tell me how much fun they had attending my wedding. DJ Dres truly understood my vision for the most important event of my life.


Stephanie Solio

May 18, 2013

I’d like to start off by saying how amazing of a job DJ Dres did at our wedding. It’s a week after the fact and I am still getting complements on how awesome the music was and how great of a time everyone had. DJ Dres definitely set the tone for the night and my feet are still killing me from dancing! The dance floor was always packed, his music selection kept the party going all night and my husband and I can definitely say we could not have picked a better dj for our wedding. If we were to do it all over the only thing we would have changed was the end time of the wedding so we could’ve danced a few hours more..he was that great! 5 stars aren’t enough to reflect his work, he truly made this wedding amazing from start to finish.